The Divine Mystery exists in each of us.  We are Stewards of that Mystery.

One might infer, from the title above, that the most important part of our life with God is our choosing Him; that it is all a matter of us getting our heads on right and pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps and being sensible about things; that all of it, in the end, is up to us.  God does His part and makes an offering to us and we, independent of anything or anyone, make our choice.  The rest, so says this line of thought, is eternity — either smelling brimstone or incense.

That kind of thinking is tempting.  And it is wrong.

We often say to ourselves or to someone near that God is unfair.  When we say that, we mean it in a way that disparages God.  We usually say that when we think God does not understand the earthly implications of failing to intervene in a situation.  God is unfair, though, long before there are moments when we want Him to perform acts according to what we think best.

God chooses us first, before we have even noticed. Our choice follows God’s.   What is fundamentally unfair is that when we seek a deeper understanding of our faith, it is God who is making that possible.  It is the Spirit of God which creates that desire in the first place.  God so loved the world that he gave….  It is God’s nature to give us the desire to search for Him and it is God who sees to it that we finally discover the Divine Presence at all.  What is unfair about God is that God alone knows every recess of our souls and doesn’t flinch.  God weights the balance in our favor from the start by loving us first, by seeking us out, by making it possible to find Him wherever we are in life.  Whatever supposed unfairness is attributed to God on the terrible consequences scale must be balanced by the fact that God has initiated a relationship with us in the first place.  And God alone knows exactly who it is He is doing this for: very fallible people who are at their best in relatively short spurts.

I cannot explain the reason for terrible events striking some while others seem to prosper.  No one can adequately do that.  Equally, I cannot explain why God would remain faithful to us when there is so much evidence that we are not worthy of that kind of devotion.  The Unfairness of God has determined that if there is even a breath left in us, there is hope that we will respond to His overtures and reach back toward the hand that is already reaching toward ours.

Questions for the day:

When I seek God’s help and presence, do I ask God for help to do that?  How will a deeper understanding of my faith help me love God?

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