The Divine Mystery exists in each of us.  We are Stewards of that Mystery.

Tomorrow is Cornerstone Sunday: the day we ask the faithful at Christ Church to make a pledge to the work of the Kingdom that is ongoing in our parish.

I’m aware that some of you hear the word “money” when I say, “pledge.”  I get that.  Frankly, the larger church has earned that by its behavior.

Let me be clear about what I hope for on Cornerstone Sunday.  I want, and Christ Church needs, your pledge.  We need your pledge to invest in our community, in what we are doing, in what we hope will happen.  The pledge I am speaking of here has nothing to do with money.

‘For where you treasure is, there your heart will be also.’  I’m not asking for your money.  I’m asking for something more.  I’m asking you to ‘treasure’ your life, our life, at Christ Church.  I’m asking you to consider how important it is that our parish continue to offer you the chance to deepen your life in God.  I want, because God wants, your heart, your presence, and the offering of yourself, whatever that may be.  I want you to be connected to Jesus by your participation in Christ Church.  I want you to feel better when you have offered yourself at Christ Church than you would if you had just skipped that step.

People contribute to things they think are making a difference for the Kingdom, for the world.  People contribute to things they think are on the ‘right track.’   As our history points out, we have, as a community, been swayed at various times to make decisive decisions for the Kingdom.  I admire that.

Now is such a time.

What do you want to become in God?  How can I, and the others who make up our church community, help?  What do we need to do?  What do you need to do?

As my friend Jim Nutter pointed out, my start at seminary, when he and Bishop Lee first met me, was inauspicious in the extreme.  About the only thing I did right was this:  I showed up and I was all in.  The rest I figured out along the way.  Of course, I’m still figuring.  Just like you are.

We need you at Christ Church.  We need you to help us discover the Kingdom in our midst.  We need you to help us worship, seek, serve, and give.  We need you to participate in our life so that we have your offering to add to ours.  We need every resource we can gather.  This is hard work.  With your offering and God’s presence, grace upon grace, we will succeed.

Questions for the day:

What if God turned the tables and said that He didn’t want, wouldn’t accept, your offering?  What would that be like for you?
When you lie awake at night, do you feel as though you have given your ‘best’ to God?

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