The Divine Mystery exists in each of us.  We are Stewards of that Mystery.

This meditation on giving, God giving to us and one man giving himself to coach six-year-old baseball players, is written by Boty McDonald, a close friend and fellow follower of Jesus. This was a letter to the parents of the children he coached.  Boty is a prosecuting attorney in Mississippi and works part-time with his brother Bryan moving Episcopal priests to Winnetka in Penske trucks.

A Letter by Boty McDonald

I moved to New York in August of 1987 to attend Albany law school.  By mid-September, the local weather reports began ‘Fall Foliage’ updates. Hmm. “What in the world?”  I tried not to show my ignorance — already, I worked daily at smoothing over my southern accent — so, I didn’t ask any questions. I came to learn that the foliage worked its way down from Maine, in chronological order, sorta. And ‘peak foliage’ was the climax, apparently a big deal. Wasn’t it just leaves dying?…

I indulged, with a smile, all the weeks of foliage talk. My wife and I would come home and muse about how folks seemed to get so wrapped up in it.  From all the chatter we learned that peak time in the area was always Columbus Day weekend.  We decided to drive around ‘a look’, like Mississippi rednecks.  So, on a crisp and glorious sun-splashed Sunday morning, we got in the car. Cranked up. Headed out to see what this foliage-fuss was all about.

We were 10 miles into Vermont.  Mountains ahead.  We turned a corner to get the full view.
Oh…my…God. I don’t mean the “OMG” that has now become an emoticon.  Nope.
I mean ‘God’ as in ‘Lord.’  As in the ‘God’ I worship.  I have chill bumps now writing about it.  It is one of the moments in my life, along with the moment of birth of each of my children, when I saw God, saw creation, was in the presence of my Lord. Amazing. I have tears.

Today is beautiful, another day the Lord has made. It cast me back to that October day in 1987 when I looked at God’s handiwork, at the Kingdom, here on earth. In front of me.

This season with your boys, with you, has been glorious. Glorious.  Yes, it had its share of ups and downs, frustrations: “What?” and “Can I?” and “No!” and all kinds of emotional gnats and nags.  Your boys are such a source of light and love.  They gave me tremendous joy this fall season. I cannot count, cannot explain.

As I looked in their eyes last night after our last game, one of the boys said to me “Did we win?” Well, “Oh…my…God.”  Yep.   Different form, same Kingdom.  Right in front of me.

Hug those boys today. Don’t explain when they ask.


What I love about this letter is that it illustrates giving on so many levels:  Boty gave his time; the boys gave themselves to the experience; God gave them all the chance to have this experience together; and Boty gave the parents this letter.  None of those things ‘had’ to happen.  It was all a gift.  It was also an ‘everyday’ occurrence.   Our life with God happens that way each day.  It is all a gift, and it happens in the midst of what we consider ‘ordinary.’

Questions for the day:

What are the Oh…my…God moments in your life?  How do you show gratitude for them?

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