The Divine Mystery exists in each of us.  We are Stewards of that Mystery.

Worship more than you don’t.
Seek a deeper understanding of your faith.
Serve others in Christ’s Name.
Give as generously as God gives to you.

What inspires me about these Cornerstones is that they form the basis of any sustainable Life in God. They are not prescriptive; they do not contain steps which a person must follow.  Each Cornerstone respects our God-given freedom such that anybody who exercises any one of them is governed only by his or her own creativity.  They are like the items in the periodic table:  they are the basic elements of a Life in Christ.

This week we focus on the fourth and final Cornerstone which involves giving in the same manner that God gives to us.

I suspect I know what some folks at Christ Church are thinking at this point.  “Christopher maintains that Stewardship is about our whole life.  Has everything he has written prior to this week been a prelude to the customary hard-sell about giving more money to the church?”

I sincerely hope not.  For many reasons.  Among them is that God will not settle only for our money any more than anyone you love would settle for that.  Any relationship based primarily on the exchange of money is a transaction.  Our life with God is a relationship.  Transactions have their place, just not in a place of primacy with God.

The Cornerstones are a tool to help us build our relationship with God.  If I want to become a person who has a deep, abiding, living connection with God, then I must mirror the characteristics of the One who, “So loved the world that He gave…”

Loving and giving are inseparable; loving and money are easily separable.  That God gives as a result of loving is as natural as breathing in and out.  It is impossible to have one without the other and still have life.  The nature of true giving is that we take the focus off ourselves in that act and focus on the needs of someone else.  Just like God.

I want to be a part of a community of Jesus’ followers that is ‘all in’, that communicates by its generous giving the nature of the God in whose name they come.

In the Kingdom, giving is measured with your heart, not your wallet.  That is true in any intimate relationship.  Money is concerned with logistics.  Loving and giving generously are concerned with imitating Jesus.  Loving and giving generously are the acts that give life meaning.  No one says in his last moments that he should have spent more.  I do not want to spend those last moments wishing I had expended more.

Questions for the day:  

How have I experienced the generosity of God?  How have I communicated that generosity to others?

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