The Divine Mystery exists in each of us. We are Stewards of that Mystery.

During church services on Sunday mornings in the month of October, we will have meditations offered by members of our parish community on the four cornerstones: Worship, Seek, Serve, and Give.  This morning, Kevin Walsh and his sons offered this meditation on Serve.

By The Walsh Family

Good morning, I am Tanner Walsh and my dad, brothers and I would like to share our experience with A Just Harvest in Rogers Park.  A Just Harvest is the largest and only self-standing community soup kitchen in the Chicago metro area.  365 days a year, they serve dinner to anyone in need, many are families and seniors, people confronted with choosing between paying their rent and putting food on the table or paying for medication and getting enough to eat.  In 2012, the kitchen served 54,000 meals and the ongoing generosity of Christ Church plays an essential role.  Twice a month, on the second Tuesday & the fourth Saturday, we are responsible for providing all the food — 5 trays of spaghetti or chili, salad, 150 pieces of fruit, and 6 gallons of milk.  We deliver the food and serve to approximately 150 people at a time.  My mom Tika, has been one of the coordinators for 10 years, and over the course of these 10 years, we have come to love serving at A Just Harvest.

So how do we serve others in Christ’s name?  And how does Christ Church help us do that?
Christ Church provides awareness of this ministry and structures the participation.  It is easy to participate at any level or frequency — you can cook, buy food, and /or serve.  Once you are at the kitchen, everyone is put to work, serving guests, cleaning tables or putting one piece of fruit on a plate.  Everything you do there is helpful and contributes to the cause.  Christ Church also provides the expectation.  Serve is one of our cornerstones and we are committed to serve others in Christ’s name.  To steal from one of Christopher’s stewardship meditations, “We’re not here serving today because we’re do-gooders; we’re here today because this is what Christians do.”  Finally, Christ Church provides the inspiration.  We are surrounded by thoughtful people who care for and who set a high standard for translating concern for others into action.  One of the things that has consistently inspired Tika is to see so many members of Christ Church want to help others.  Inspiration also comes from the gratitude in the faces of the guests.  For me, my faith has deepened and my eyes and heart have been opened wider by my experience at A Just Harvest.  A vivid memory is of a little boy eating with his mother.  He had a tuft of brown hair and big brown eyes.  He reminded me of one of my sons.  It’s hard not to continue with this ministry when this is the face of need.

Visit to the Local Mission page of our website to learn more about opportunities to serve at A Just Harvest.

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