The Divine Mystery exists in each of us.  We are Stewards of that Mystery.

I want to do work worth doing with my friends.

That’s the closest thing I have to a philosophy of life.  It’s taken me most of my time on the planet to figure that out, to condense it into just one short sentence.  So there it is:  work worth doing, with my friends.  To do this, I need two basic ingredients:  important, valuable work…and friends.  Church, worshiping God in church, has given me both of those things.  I knew (was it the Spirit or intuition or a combination?) that I would find lasting, important work in and through my presence in church.  I knew when I arrived there would be others who were looking to do the same thing.

I sensed that I could find both of those things the first time I entered an Episcopal church after my baptism.  I was baptized down the road at Holy Comforter in Kenilworth, Illinois when I was an infant.  My next experience of the Episcopal Church was eleven years later after my dad’s fifth inter-company transfer.  After my first Episcopal liturgy on a Sunday morning, I knew I was home.  I couldn’t articulate why or what it all might mean.  I just knew that what was happening at the altar was real and that it involved me.  I knew I needed to be there.  Frequently.

Let me be clear, though.  I’m not talking about becoming a priest.  That came a bit later.  I’m talking about the process of being in church, of consciously allowing the connection between the Divine Mystery and my own life to grow.  I believed that by being present, I would be led to work worth doing and that I would not have to do it alone.  I sensed that the Spirit of that Mystery, working through others and directly in me, would lead me someplace better than I could figure out on my own.  I sensed a partnership with God, a partnership initiated by God and given to me, like my earthly life and every succeeding breath has been given to me.  I just needed to be present, awake, and ready to follow.

I’ve learned a lot since then.  I’ve learned that worship doesn’t start or end on Sundays.  I’ve learned that God’s voice and grace can come through many different means, inside and outside of church.  Most importantly, I’ve learned that the best place to learn about work worth doing and having friends to do it with is in a place where people are already trying to do the same thing.

Questions for the day

Do I prepare myself each time I worship to be led by God?  What am I doing to feed and encourage my partnership with God?

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