The Divine Mystery exists in each of us.  We are Stewards of that Mystery.

My premise for these meditations is simple: that God is inside all of us and we have to decide what to do about that.  God gives us gifts; we have choices.  The basic elements of a faithful response include our choice to worship, seek, serve, and give: the four cornerstones.  We get to decide how and when and if we will do any or all of those. Whatever our response, there is no punishment.  There are only consequences.

Since God is everywhere, as close as our next breath, all of life can be instructive as we approach the kingdom.  Any part of our life can be used by God for purposes beyond what we can see at the moment.  What we bring to a situation, whether sacred or secular, can become the raw material used by God later in our lives.

Between college and seminary, I worked for a small company in western North Dakota that manufactured truck equipment.  I got the job through a close friend whose relative owned the business.  This was a fledgling enterprise in newly discovered oil country.  All the guys I worked with had come off the farm to work for someone who wasn’t family.  They could all fix or make anything.  I was an English major; about the only thing I could make at that point was bail.  For a misdemeanor.

I eventually learned to paint trucks.  That took awhile, though.  Before that, I had only the willingness to work hard and do whatever would keep me employed and the doors of the business open.  Those were the very things that landed me on a very hot summer day inside a large dumpster with a wire brush preparing the metal for welding repairs.  As I got out, the owner called me over.  He said, “I was the low bid to maintain the city’s dumpsters because we’re a new business and frankly, any business at all will help keep me in business.  My welders wouldn’t do that part of the job but the job couldn’t be done without it.  I’ll make sure you learn a different skill here soon.  Thanks.”

I did learn another skill.  More valuable was that I learned how to serve by serving.  All the cornerstones are that way.  We learn their importance–and how to do them–by doing them.  With God’s invisible and perpetual help.

Questions of the day:

How can what I am doing today be used by God?  How can it be used in the future by God?


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