The Divine Mystery exists in each of us. We are Stewards of that Mystery.

During church services on Sunday mornings in the month of October, we will have meditations offered by members of our parish community on the four cornerstones: Worship, Seek, Serve, and Give. This morning, Shay Craig offered this meditation on Seek.

By Shay Craig

A young man decided to get to know his grandfather, a Rabbi, better.  His grandfather loved camping so they went out into the wilderness together.  They hiked, made a fire, cooked dinner, and finally went to bed after talking all night.  In the middle of the night, the Rabbi wakes the grandson and says, “Look up and tell me what you see.”  The grandson looks up and says, “I see light that has travelled millions of light years to reach us.” The Rabbi says, “No.”  The man tries again, “I see the beautiful panoply of color and darkness.”  The Rabbi sighs. “No.”  The man tries one more time. “I see evidence of the presence of God. Is that what you see?”  The Rabbi says, “No. I see that someone has stolen our tent.”

I love that joke because it reminds us that there are always many ways to look at things.  We can see them scientifically or historically.  We can see things through a literary or economic lens.  Or we can look for the way things point to the hand of God. We can see or we can SEEK.

As part of my job at Garret Seminary, I am an event planner.   We organized a big conference earlier this month called Navigating the Affordable Health Care Act. It was aimed at people in ministry and healthcare and it offered tools for understanding the new legislation. It was the biggest conference I have ever hosted. We were in five locations with webcasts and satellite sites and panel Q&A’s.

It was a huge, gigantic flop. Every logistical detail failed.  Completely.

Then last weekend, I went down to see my daughter Emma at college.  When we were in the car together, I poured out this whole story to her. She waited and then, in the way that only children raised in the Christ Church Choir can do, she began to sing. She sang, “Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God….”

Her singing reminded me that I can measure the success of that experience with a financial yardstick, an attendance yardstick, a stress yardstick.  By all those measures, this conference was a gigantic failure.

Or…I can look for the presence of God. I can SEEK God in that experience.

The people who came to the conference told us afterward that the most valuable thing for them was meeting one another.  In spite of it all, I could feel the Kingdom being built.

God is present in every second of our lives.  If we do not see God, perhaps it is because we are looking.  In order to be aware of God’s work, we must do more than SEE, we must SEEK.

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