The Divine Mystery exists in each of us.  We are Stewards of that Mystery.

My hope when you read these meditations is that you will be inspired to think of Stewardship differently.  I want you to think of the topic holistically, comprehensively. I want you to think of this word more broadly than a tired church word designed to have you give more of your money to the parish.  I want you to ponder these thoughts so that you can feel―and be―closer to God.

When I am honest, there is another reason I am writing these things to you daily.  I want you to know me better.  I want to fulfill my role as a teacher in the faith.  I also want you to know that I am just as focused on my own learning.  I am just like you:  I yearn for meaning and connection and rich conversation and peace and joy.  I have to work at it just as hard as you do.  And, like you, I am just a beginner.  Much of the time, I cringe at the thought of something I have said or done in the past.  Could that have really been me saying that? Doing that?

I am equally stunned by the small victories of my life: when I have gotten it right, when I have been truly helpful, when I have felt (and others have felt) that I have been a vessel of the holiness of God.  When I have been at my best and said or done the truth as I have understood it.  When I have been simultaneously honest and respectful.

I know that in my struggle to work these things out―how I can feel such a failure at one moment and then know success so soon after―I am just like most of you.

Often, I simply want to seek God more deeply, more purely.  I want to desire to be with God beyond anything I have known to date.  When I read the words of a twenty-two year old poet expressing the same desire, I remember that desiring to be with God is to already be closer than I can imagine.

Extinguish my eyes, I’ll go on seeing you.
Seal my ears, I’ll go on hearing you.
And without feet I can make my way to you,
without a mouth I can swear your name.

Break off my arms, I’ll take hold of you
With my heart as with a hand.
Stop my heart, my brain will start to beat.
And if you consume my brain with fire,
I’ll feel you burn in every drop of my blood.

–Maria Rilke

Questions of the day:

Do I tell God, as I pray, what I truly want?  What makes me embarrassed or afraid to do that?

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