Saturday, March 8th – The First Saturday in Lent

How do I experience God?


So this is what happens when you ask Christopher to write a daily Lenten meditation as he did during Stewardship last fall. You remind him he doesn’t have to do it alone, what about Jeanne and Heath – let’s hear from them too. And then he asks you to do something you’ve never done. At least he wrote the headline.

Wait. Don’t we just exist with God? Of course, but in thinking about it, I discover that I live the experience more fully by being intentional through the daily challenge of understanding my faith and what God is offering. Which is everything.

So I experience God more deeply when I am more intentionally connected.

That happens Tuesday evenings during our remarkable Faith Explorers, when we read, discuss, disagree, search, hope, and always, always leave uplifted by our wildly diverse views on, well, most everything. If you have tried it, you may know this experiential connection with God.

Lent is when we traditionally give something up. I get that. From chocolate to chips, been there, done that. But another way to think about it is to take in, rather than give up.

So a better connection for me is being more intentional in Lenten devotions beyond Sunday services, like say, attending all our spiritually rewarding Wednesday and Friday worship opportunities at Christ Church. And being grateful that they are offered.

The more I take in, the more I experience God. The grace and peace intrinsic to Friday noon service is my immediate experience with God. It’s a way to become more intentional about faith and as we now say, more of myself in Christ.

I particularly experience God in our outreach. You are all so passionate about these deserving services, giving us so many meaningful ways to do more for others.

What could be better way to experience God than as a confirmation mentor? Five great guys, Caribou Coffee, and six bibles open at the big table. That’s a yes.

How about an opportunity to sign up, cook and serve again for our brothers and sisters at A Just Harvest? Thank you, I will. Or just now, walking through the doors you are opening for all of us to Holy Family Ministries. Waukegan2College. Or experiencing God by helping Renk and SE Mexico.

So how am I experiencing God? More deeply and more connected than ever. With God’s help.


– Phil Adams


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