Saturday, April 5th, 2014 – The Fifth Saturday in Lent

The Lessons Taught by Forgiveness


Yesterday, Ijya Tulloss shared an experience with a five year old Montessori student in her class who had acted poorly and needed to ask for forgiveness. Here is what Ijya learned as she watched the little girl repair the relationship that had been temporarily broken:

1. It is more important to restore our positive relationship than to harbor ill feelings due to a misunderstanding or a misheard word or misinterpreted action or our need to be right. Our friendship or our relationship as family members is more important than maintaining a strained relationship.

2. What caused the misunderstanding only took a minute; to rebuild the relationship will take much longer.

3. What caused the strained relationship was an unfortunate event. It takes humility to acknowledge that we played a role in it although we feel like blaming the other party for everything.

4. It takes courage to take action to make things whole again. It takes more energy to maintain bitterness than to let go of the memory of past events.

5. Sometimes “I’m sorry” is hard to say, so bringing flowers as a token of our apology comes in handy.

6. With a contrite heart, we resolve not to do the same hurtful action again.

7. Once things are restored to the state before the misunderstanding, energy that has been spent in anger, hatred, and blaming can now be utilized for helping others and caring for the environment. Channels for receiving and sharing blessings formerly blocked will be reopened. Once again the river of peace flows where once stood a stagnant pond.


Forgive your enemies, forgive others, forgive yourself. “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.” Trust your cares to God because God’s wheel is slow but sure. Perfect justice rules the world.

– Ijya C. Tulloss, Montessori Educator and Christ Church Parishioner


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