Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 – The Third Tuesday in Lent



Christ Church parishioners have long had a relationship with Holy Family School in North Lawndale.  That relationship deepened when the former St. Gregory’s Episcopal School merged with Holy Family in 2010.  The school seeks to give children an excellent K-8 education in an award winning, state of the art building.

This poem was read by the author to begin our service last Sunday, March 23rd.



Once upon a time, I looked down at my hands, and wondered how they would make this boy a man.

I started with works and, yes, work was tough, and though I worked hard, it just wasn’t enough.

See, my hands became tired and my body was drained, because works without faith is like working in vain.

So I tried something different: I learned just to trust, and I mean what I said when I used the word just, cause…

That’s all I did, I prayed and sat back. I folded my hands and chose not to act.

That got me nothing; my progress was small, because faith without action is not faith at all.

So I cried out to God, “Please show me the way.” And God simply told me, “Trust and Obey.”

Now trust meaning believe; obey meaning do, together they’re faith in how I work My Will through you.

And that was how it started. I finally got it right. It’s all in how you walk with God, by faith and not by sight.

And when I walk by faith, with nothing else to prove, it’s almost automatic how my hands began to move.

They shook another hand, they hugged and made a friend, they reached into my pockets and they fed a hungry man.

They wrote someone a letter, they made them feel much better, and they held a little girl so the boogey-man couldn’t get her.

They reached and grabbed a toy and gave it to a boy, tickled my children and made them laugh with joy.

They painted, folded clothes, mopped some floors and cooked some meals, and when they touched a wounded heart, God used my hands to heal.

And heal is what we’re called to do, through us God heals the hurt, and with true faith inside of us, our hands can’t help but work.

Begin with faith, it leads to works, and trust with all your heart, your hands will follow, but lead with your feet, and walk by faith with God.


– Leslie Hunter, Chaplain, Holy Family School


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